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If you're tired of struggling with Infusionsoft and know that you're only using a small fraction of its power, but also confused by where to start, then this book is for you! This book reveals tried and true strategic guidance that my most successful 7- and 8-figure marketer clients use every day.

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The definitive Best Practices and Strategic Implementation Guide to cut through the learning curve and help you focus on what counts.

Infusionsoft Mastery

by Troy Broussard

Learn the strategies and Best Practices that were previously only available to my top private clients that have paid $50k and more to work with me. This book brings my extensive experience over the years straight into YOUR business. 

While I am an Infusionsoft Certified Partner, know that I tell it like it is. I don't gloss over the warts that Infusionsoft has (hey, every system does), but instead, I call them out and provide workarounds and candid advice.​



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What You'll Get

  • Best Practices
  • Chapter 2
  • Chapter 5
  • Chapter 12

Essential Campaigns Every App Should Have...

In this chapter I walk you through a laundry list of essential campaigns that I install in all of my private client's apps.

I describe each and the reasons behind why you want them so that you've got the tools you need to put Infusionsoft to work for you TODAY!

Best of all, these fundamental campaigns are applicable no matter what your niche is, what your business type is or how big or small your list is!

Infusionsoft Mastery

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Here's just a few gems you'll learn when you grab your copy of Infusionsoft Mastery:


The easiest way to quickly mockup your campaigns and get it right every time (p. 10).


Using this technique, you can make your automated communication more timely and user-specific to make it more personal and get better results (p. 23)


Learn how this quote from the 80's "Highlander" movie has everything to do with proper user security and ensuring that you keep your Infusionsoft app clean and organized (p. 41)


Use this elegant alternative to tags whenever you can so that you don't clutter up and slow down your app (p. 43).


Discover how to get almost everyone to confirm their email addresses with this super elegant process (HINT - it does not involve using the standard Infusionsoft email confirmation snippet in Campaign Builder). (p. 58)


Using this one simple trick you can boost engagement, improve deliverability and uncover exactly what your list wants from you (p. 77). 


Discover the seven types of tags and exactly when you should and should NOT use them (p. 100).


Use this clever hack (HINT: it involves Slack) to improve your workflow automation and task management (p. 101).


Learn my 3-step tracking solution that tells you where your leads came from, how much they cost, what they bought, where they've been in your app and exactly what caused them to buy WITHOUT any additional software (p. 104).


Using this one (poorly understood and completely underutilized) feature of Infusionsoft you can get push-button immediate ROI stats for every lead in your app (p. 109).


This clever (and FREE) WordPress plugin will allow you to track any advertising medium - even offline sources like radio, tv and magazine ads - when you combine it with a ___ (p. 123)


Use this little gem to simplify your campaign reporting (p. 136).


Yes, you really can create campaigns that can be "paused" and "restarted". I talk about it in detail here (p. 142).


Uncover when you should be using tags and when you should be using custom fields instead (p. 153)


Eliminate this bug in the way Infusionsoft handle's credit cards that could be costing you thousands of dollars (p. 167)!


These are the two most important campaigns that you absolutely must be using in your business. In fact, I install them on all of my private clients apps (p. 184).


Get (FREE) access to this for even more in-depth coverage and training (p. 195).


...and many, many more tips, resources, videos, and Best Practices to save you from repeating the mistakes so commonly committed each and every day in Infusionsoft that cost you time, money and aggravation!

What Today's Top Marketing Minds Have To Say...

  • Ryan Levesque
  • Kevin Rogers
  • MaryEllen Tribby
  • Tom Beal
  • Taylor Welch
  • Frank Rumbauskas

Frank Rumbauskas
NY Times Best Selling Author, Never Cold Call

"I've been working with John and Troy for nearly a year now and can't recommend them strongly enough. Beyond just their technical Infusionsoft expertise, I rely on them for their strategic marketing advice.

In a recent launch I ran with their assistance, I exceeded my entire launch goal in just the first 24 hours and blew away my intended sales goal by 523% over what I thought it would yield! I recommend you do what I did and hire these guys before they get too booked up..."

Top Marketers Choose Infusionsoft Mastery With Troy Broussard

It's No Coincidence...

...that todays marketing "movers and shakers" choose Infusionsoft Mastery with Troy Broussard. They rely on constant innovation and are continually pushing the envelope. They also want top notch support ready to assist.



I'm a father of four, businessman and entrepreneur that values, above all, my freedom. Yeah, Marketing Automation is "my gig", but it's not about the Technology. It is really about building a life that is free from traditional constraints - that's what I love.

In the real estate collapse of 2008, I lost everything - my house, my plane, my cars, my Harley, my retirement - every penny I owned. Soon thereafter, my marriage collapsed as well and I moved back down to Brazil to be close to my children.

I vowed then that I if was going to build it all up again, I was going to do it in a way that allowed me to have a location independent lifestyle that I enjoy. That is what led me to Infusionsoft and marketing automation for the SEO company I was building.

I jumped in with both feet and promptly proceeded to waste more than $20,000 in consulting that got me no where! I became very frustrated and felt overwhelmed and, honestly, it's amazing that I didn't give up on Infusionsoft. But I soon came to realize that I just needed to roll up my sleeves and get to work and learn it from the inside out. 

Fast forward. Today I have homes in Florida, Oregon and Sao Paulo, Brazil and just got back from 6 months of living on the road in a big RV traveling across the country while running my three businesses. I have worked with some of the top marketers in the industry, with Infusionsoft apps that are generating millions per month, thousands of optins a week and very large lists (exceeding 1M). Working with that level of client has allowed me to develop the tried and trued systems and Best Practices that I teach in this book.